Transcend the Digital

Connection is more vital now than EVER for both our mental and spiritual health.  But it’s getting harder and harder to come by.  It takes creativity, effort and will. We’re trying to foster connection using the resources we have available to us. We invite you to take a deep breath, reach out and connect with us in whatever ways you can during these strange days.

Over Advent, we sent out some nice things in the post (like Advent candles, tea and communal creative activities). We also set up a little network of folks who sent encouraging notes in the post to one another.  There has been something special about being able to transcend the digital, whether it’s cooking together, lighting the same candles, or drinking the same tea…it’s nice to have something in our hands with some thought and intention direct from another another human!

There are still tough days ahead, and so we’d like to do something similar with fun (and useful) post in the run-up to Easter.  To be safe, we’re only extending this invite to those on our mailing list and those in our Connect & Community Facebook Group.  So if you’d like to be added to the list for fun post, please join the Facebook group OR email

We’ve also got a few other plans in the works that we’re not quite ready to reveal yet, so we’ll share more in the next few weeks.