Who We Are

We’re led collaboratively by our growing Leadership Community

Inclusive Gathering Birmingham’s Leadership Community works collaboratively to pioneer a new way of being church.

Everyone in our Leadership Community is committed to growing in leadership, mucking in (on the stuff that is fun and the stuff that isn’t) and taking the initiative in loving and caring for others. We love drawing on the strengths, insights and skills that we have as a group when we work humbly together.

Our Core Leadership Team share a deeper level of spiritual and practical responsibility for Inclusive Gathering Birmingham and also are committed to supporting the wider Leadership Community.

Our Inclusion Leads have lived experience in particular areas of inclusion and take the lead in keeping our focus on these areas in our welcome, language, learning, celebration and activities. (This is an expanding area for us.)

Danielle Wilson (she/her) is Inclusive Gathering Birmingham‘s pioneer leader/minister and loves to help create safe spaces to discuss life’s deepest questions …particularly over food.  She believes that loving Jesus pushes us to pursue social justice and inclusion in our communities. Danielle has more than 25 years experience in mission leadership and communications and was part of the team that launched and led Red Letter Christians in the UK 2019-2033.  She has an MA in Contemporary Missiology: Reconciliation, Justice and Advocacy. She’s also been a singer for many years with the all-female acoustic soul band Eeek (who play at our special events from time to time). She’s married to Joel and mum to Evie and Josie.

Dr Naomi Bennett-Steele (she/her/they/them) is part of our Core Leadership Team. She is the Senior Innovations Partnerships Officer for The Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation Partnership and has recently completed her PhD in Biomedical Materials Engineering for Ocular Drug delivery. Naomi was was part of the team that launched and led Red Letter Christians in the UK from 2019-2022.  Naomi and her wife Lizzie are passionate about loving people on the margins and empowering the  voices we don’t normally hear to create a diverse movement of people passionate about God’s love for his whole creation.

Eunice Attwood (she/her) is part of our Core Leadership Team and was part of the original team who helped launch Inclusive Gathering Birmingham. Eunice oversees our Safeguarding.  Eunice is a Methodist Deacon with over 20 years of experience in starting and growing new expressions of church. She is currently the Methodist Church’s Church at the Margins Officer to helping to develop a movement of new Christian communities led by people who have been marginalised by society. Eunice served as the Vice-President of the British Methodist Conference in 2010-2011, and for eight years was the Tutor in Pastoral Theology at the Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham.

Peter Brookes (he/him) is part of our Core Leadership Team.  Pete spends his time literally putting a smile on people’s faces as a Clinical Dental Technician with providing patients with new dentures. He finds great fulfilment in his job and loves to help improve lives of those he works with. He spent his life growing up going to church and realised at the age of 14 that he wanted to place his faith and trust in Jesus. Peter went on to complete a Bible College course in Biblical and Cross Cultural Studies, later becoming a youth pastor for 7 years. During these years he became passionate about serving God and helping others where he can. Being part of Inclusive Gathering Birmingham gives Peter opportunity to put his faith in action and reach out to communities who have often felt pushed aside or cut out of previous church experiences.

Julia Kossowska (she/her/they/ them) is part of our Core Leadership Team.  Julia has held a variety of positions in education and is particularly interested in the use of ICT to enhance learning. At Inclusive Gathering Birmingham, Julia  is adept at searching out material to help us grow spiritually and in confidence that God loves every single person and is totally inclusive. Julia, along with her civil partner Sam, has been active for the last 20 + years in organisations such as LGCM (now “One Body”) both locally and nationally, and LEFT (LBTQI women Exploring Faith Together).  Julia believes in the power of storytelling and has told her own story to various audiences and listened to the stories of many others.

Gary Hopkins (he/him) is part of our Core Leadership Team and is also IGB’s music leader. Gary takes a keen interest in the teaching and worship life at IGB. He is passionate about the bible and how we take it seriously, particularly its justice narrative where the prophets and Jesus challenged systems of oppression and stood up for those who were marginalised. He’s been a worship leader and church speaker for nearly twenty years and currently works for the Methodist Church supporting chaplaincy and lay ministries. Prior to this he worked in education as a deputy headteacher. He has a BA in Theology and a MEd in leadership and management. He’s also written the words of several hymns. Gary’s passion for justice has had him involved in inclusive church work for many years, including as national coordinator of Outcome, a movement that supported LGBT+ Methodists. He loves being part of such a loving and inclusive community and sees the love of God reflected in the people at IGB who he is proud to call his siblings in Christ.

David Derbyshire (he/ him) is IGB’s Neurodiversity Lead and runs our monthly Neurodiverse Spirituality sessions. David is the founder of Asperger’s Heroes CIC coaching adults on the autistic spectrum.

This draws on his lived-experience of receiving a late diagnosis of Asperger syndrome.
He recently completed a Masters in Spirituality including a dissertation on the spirituality of autism.

Harry Wyld (they/ them) is our LGBTQ+ Inclusion lead with a focus on Gender. Harry is a writer and researcher, currently completing a PhD in trans studies. They are non-binary.  As a trans Christian, Harry is passionate about sharing their story and celebrating diversity.