Who We Are

A place of grace where all people can belong.

A community of honesty, forgiveness and friendship

Many churches and faith groups publish what they call a ‘Statement of Faith’ – a list of their specific theological convictions and beliefs.  You may even be looking for this on our website!

At heart, Inclusive Gathering Birmingham is a learning community. And so it is much more representative of who we are to simply share our approach to developing a growing, active, dynamic faith in a God that loves and includes beyond our imaginings.

We’ve framed these values using a passage from the ancient wisdom literature of the Bible (Micah 6:8):

“God has shown you, oh human, what is good. What does God require of you, but to act with justice and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?”

We are serious about Jesus (his words and actions) and that’s why it’s important for us to explore faith that is spiritual and social. Our commitment is to work toward radical inclusion to create and cultivate a space where everyone is truly welcomed, affirmed and celebrated in their race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, ability, disability and neurodiversity. Inclusion is a social justice issue and so we speak, act, serve and protest accordingly. We want to be part of resisting systemic injustices that lead to exclusion, working for reconciliation and peace where we can.

We are committed to the idea that inclusion in this community isn’t based on what you do or don’t believe. We encourage you to explore faith in Jesus honestly, in conversation and in deep connection with one another. We work hard to maintain an environment where we treat each other with respect, compassion, care and love, even when that means confronting injustice. It is important to us to create a space where we don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes because forgiveness is possible.

We want to walk humbly with God and with one another. Our differences are our strengths when we are willing to hear one another’s stories and learn from each other. As we commit to understanding and including others, this can also help us tap into the expansive, unfathomable grace and mercy of God.  Part of our spiritual vibrancy is giving a platform for everyone to share what they really think without pretence, allowing space for spiritual journey. We ask questions (“Why do I believe this?”) in honest conversation so we can pursue spiritual depth through scripture and grappling with life and theology.