Who We Are

We're a diverse church gathered together by a common dream:

to become a truly inclusive faith community, where doubt and difference are a welcome part of our journey together toward Jesus.

We’re a church committed to pursuing God’s radical inclusion. And we’re just beginning.

We believe that the way of Jesus leads us to  the wild, radical idea that true spiritual community can be formed based on who is INCLUDED, not by who is EXCLUDED.  We are a learning community, constantly growing and changing to live out this vision in new and expanding ways.  

When we say “inclusion”, we mean much more than mere tolerance or welcome. We believe God wants us all to know that we actually belong.

That means people of every race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, age and background, HIV status, ability and disability, theological and political conviction are loved, invited, and fully included.

Fully included. We mean it.

No secondary status if you’re a woman. No bait and switch if you’re LGBTQ. No restrictions in the fine print if you have doubts or questions about faith.

This radical inclusion is not something we invented. It is who God is. In the Bible, we read story after story of God breaking down the walls of exclusion and building up people and life.

Living this way is not easy – it requires us to really listen to one another, be open to discovering our blind-spots and practice forgiveness and reconciliation with one another (when we inevitably get things wrong).  But through this practice we believe that we will experience the inclusive love of Jesus in practical, unexpected, and transforming ways.

Common Questions

  • We’re based in Birmingham city centre because we love the energy, the centrality and the accessibility to public transport. Lots of people travel to join us from around the city and even from as far as Coventry and Worcester. So travel links are vital for helping us gather!
  • We don’t own our own building but are graciously hosted for our regular larger gatherings by The Church at Carrs Lane, just across from from Moor Street Station. Our Community Group gatherings (most are weekly) are hosted mainly in homes around the city and also by Zoom. And occasionally we use other public spaces, coffee shops or gig venues for special events.
  • Many of us identify as Christians (of different traditions – Methodist, Anglican, Pentecostal, Quaker, Catholic, Evangelical, post-Evangelical, and loads more). Others of us describe ourselves as agnostic, spiritual (but not religious) or aren’t really sure. We believe this kind of diversity in perspective and tradition is an enormous blessing.
  • It’s fundamentally important to us that our church is a place where questions, doubt and disagreement are welcome (expressed in a loving and respectful way to one another).  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we want you to feel free to express yourself and talk things through openly in a safe space without fear of judgement.  Processing through what we really believe can be tough but it’s made easier in community.
  • Accountability: our funding comes from individual giving and also from grants from The Methodist Church regionally (Birmingham Methodist District) and locally. This means we report to them, and are expected to uphold their standards in our  financial, safeguarding, GDPR, and other policies. 
  • People across the sexual orientation and gender identity spectrums are included and celebrated, as are all people, as expressions of God’s creativity.  We believe that the experiences, spirituality and theology of many LGBTQ+ people are a gift to the church and can point all of us to a more expansive understanding of God’s love. This recognition has been a key turning point in many of the spiritual stories of those involved in our church community (for both those who identify as LGBTQ+ and those who don’t). 

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We are grateful to be supported by the Methodist Church and part of the Inclusive Church Network.