To our Beloved Queer Friends … You ARE a blessing and a gift to us

To our Beloved Queer Friends,

In the past few days, there have been challenging public statements from large church institutions that may well have caused you pain. This grieves us. These statements may claim to speak on behalf of large segments of the Church, but we want you to know that they do NOT speak for all Christians. They do not speak for us and they do not speak for Christ.

Inclusive Gathering Birmingham is a church committed to following the way of Jesus, justice, love and radical inclusion, and we want you to know that we celebrate you for all that you are. 

We have shared these words before, but want to share them again with a few additions in light of this week’s statements.

Whether or not you are someone who identifies as a person of faith, this is what we believe is true of you:

  • Your very existence brings a greater richness to the world and can help all of us understand more of the diversity and creativity of God.
  • Your relationships, marriages and families of all shapes and sizes can bring love, hope and beauty into the world.
  • You deserve the right to live free from abuse, oppression and assaults on your personhood.
  • You are loved by God beyond measure.
  • You are a blessing and a gift.
  • Your story is beautiful.

We’re praying these truths will surround you today.  If you encounter resistance or ignorance or hatred, we pray that the truth about who you truly are and how deeply you are loved will fill your mind and heart.

We stand with you.

With much, much love,

Your friends from Inclusive Gathering Birmingham


Here’s a link to some further faith resources and groups that fully affirm and celebrate LGBTQ+ Identity.