Introducing IGB’s new ‘song pool’

We’re excited to announce and share with you Inclusive Gathering’s new ‘song pool’ for 2023-24! Wondering what that means? Read more below!

We take our music seriously at Inclusive Gathering Birmingham. As a community, we come from a variety of quite different church and not-church backgrounds. Our faith stories are beautiful and painful and often a mixture of both. We’re very aware that music has a way of connecting deeply with our hearts and spirits and so our IGB band and leadership very carefully curate the songs that we sing together as a community. We specifically choose songs written by queer and marginalised musicians, we re-claim songs that were perhaps not written with us in mind yet speak into our lives, we update lyrics to make them more inclusive and to enable us to more freely worship a God who we believe is ALL about liberation.

We’ve chosen what we call a ‘song pool’ for 2023-24 and we’ve put together a playlist for you to put on repeat! We’ll choose songs from this pool each time we sing together as part of our regular gatherings. You’re invited to get to know our chosen songs so you can sing along and worship with us if you’d like to.

Here’s a link to our Spotify Playlist.

Here’s a link to our YouTube Music Playlist.