IGB 101

Join us on Tuesday evenings (24 Oct – 28 November) at the Loft (back room) for our 6-week group journey exploring what it means to be IGB. All are welcome – it’s particularly aimed at folks who are fairly new to IGB, but anyone can come. We’re hoping to run this again in the Spring – so no worries if you

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24th Oct
Inclusive to our bones (Danielle)
This session will be a discussion about what active inclusivity can look like and why its important to us, it could also reflect on the history of this and why churches can be non-inclusive places. Inclusion underpins all our other values.

31st Oct
Doubters Welcome (Chris)
This session will be a discussion around why doubt/questions are vital for healthy faith. This will follow on from last week around why doubt is an important part of faith and essential to us to create inclusion.

7th Nov
Act Justly (Ben)
This session will focus on what Justice means to us as a Church. As a Church we are committed to challenging injustices in whatever form. This is important to us in those we partner with, what we talk about and why we exisit as a community to create a space where everyone is valued.

14th Nov
Love Mercy (Naomi)
We are a learning community, we love to try, to experiment and to explore what it means to be church together. Mercy is about treating each other with respect and compassion in conversations and practice. Forgiveness is a key part of our community and allow mistakes and opportunities for growth and learning.

21st Nov
Walk Humbly (Pat)
Our community is bedded in humility, to admit mistakes, to experience doubt and by allowing everyone to share what they think. We are a discussion based community where engagement and questions is never avoided or wrong.

28th Nov
Conclusion/Social* (Tash)