Online Inclusive Gathering: Faith & the Class Divide

May 16, 2021
04:00 pm - 06:30 pm


May 16


04:00 pm - 06:30 pm

On Sunday, 16th May we’ll be joined by Dr Sally Mann & Father Luke Larner of Red Letter Christians UK. Sally and Luke are friends, ministers, theologians and social justice activists who both come from working class backgrounds. They will talk about the impact of class on faith, community (and Christian academia) and talk practically about inclusion as they have (or have not) experienced it.

This is part of our new series looking at the practice of inclusion and what it does/ can look like in a variety of areas of life and faith. The clue is in the name, but we see inclusion as a core part of our spirituality and our justice-seeking as a community.

We’ll reconvene on Zoom for further discussion at 5:15.

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Meeting ID: 853 6699 5635
Passcode: 123674

Dr Sally Mann (she/her) has a PhD in Philosophy and Theology and lectures in Sociology. She is a minister at Bonny Downs Baptist Church where she is the 4th of 5 generations of her family to stay put and serve in that East-End community. Sally has written a book ‘Looking for Lydia: encounters that shape the church’ reflecting on 25 years of ministry in London through the stories of encounters in Acts.

Father Luke Larner (he/him) is ordained in the Church of England, and based in the centre of Bedford. Passionate about Jesus and Justice, particularly in the areas of homelessness, peace-making, and interfaith collaboration. Luke is currently studying for a doctorate in Practical Theology, researching with Christians involved in Community Organising. Big fan of Saint Francis.

Both Sally and Luke were part of the original team that launched Red Letter Christians UK (a growing network of people committed to living for Jesus and justice).


About Inclusive Gathering Birmingham …

Inclusive Gathering Birmingham is a diverse church gathered together by a common dream: to become a truly inclusive faith community, where doubt and difference are a welcome part of our journey together toward Jesus. We believe that the way of Jesus leads us to the wild, radical idea that true spiritual community can be formed based on who is INCLUDED, not by who is EXCLUDED. We are a learning community, constantly growing and changing to live out this vision in new and expanding ways.

When we say “inclusion”, we mean much more than mere tolerance or welcome. We believe God wants us all to know that we actually belong. That means people of every race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, age and background, HIV status, ability and disability, theological and political conviction are loved, invited, and fully included. Read more about what makes us tick at or send an email to to ask questions or chat.