IGB Midweek Lent Zoom Discussion

February 28, 2023
07:00 pm - 07:30 pm


February 28 - 07:00 pm


April 4 - 07:30 pm



This is a short (30 min) weekly zoom discussion of Bradley Jersak’s book, Incarnation & Inclusion, Abba & Lamb. You can register for the Zoom here:…/tJwqf-2pqzMjGdZL9Gu-N9Tdl5YGTkEQIdog
Danielle (pastor of IGB) will be leading these conversations – more about why below. We will individually read 1 chapter (roughly 20-25 pages) each week and come together to discuss that chapter together for just a half an hour using these discussion questions as a jumping off point:
* Did you learn/ appreciate something new or have a spiritual ‘a ha’ moment while reading this chapter?
*What made you uncomfortable or challenged you? Was there anything you disagreed with or disliked?
*Are there any NEW questions raised for you by Brad Jersak’s words? (You might want to write these down).
You can read the 6 page introduction to the book here to see if it sounds right to you before buying the book – get in touch if you need help purchasing a copy:
Here’s the chapters we’ll discuss:
28 February – Intro & Radical Uniqueness: the Light, the World, the Name & the Lamb
7 March – Radical Inclusion: Conflicting visions of righteousness
14 March – Radical Intimacy: My Abba
21 March – Radical Engagement: Toddlers with Crayons
28 March – Radical Encounters: Seven stories
4 April – Radical Release: The priest at Jesus’ feat & Finis
WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? (from Danielle, pastor of IGB):
On a really personal level, this Lent in the run up to Easter I’m feeling the need to make time to read and think about Jesus, not only that he lived, but also that he died and what that means for the whole world. I’ve been wanting to read Brad Jersak’s book for a while … but I don’t want to just read it. I want to sit with it, with Jesus and with my questions. I know that I find it most helpful doing this kind of thing with community around me (and inviting others will keep me doing it). So I want to invite you to journey along with me. As with most things we do at IGB, we are not saying that you have to agree with everything in this book. I don’t know that I do. But I hope this will be a jumping off point for connecting with Jesus in a new way and meaningful way, even if it raises more questions than answers.
About the book & author:
This book centres around how Christ-followers and seekers might hold the tension of two abiding and complementary truths:
– Christ’s one-of-a-kind revelation
– Abba’s all-inclusive love.
Brad lays out biblical and experiential evidence for integrating and celebrating both these truths together, espousing the beautiful gospel of Christ’s unique revelation of Abba’s all-inclusive love.
Brad (Bradley) Jersak (Ph.D.) is an author and itinerant teacher based in Abbotsford, BC Canada.
He is the Dean of Ministry Studies (as of Sept 2019) at St. Stephen’s University ( in NB, Canada) where he teaches New Testament / Theology, Patristics & some Philosophy. He also teaches on the core faculty with the Institute for Religion Peace and Justice (
He also serves as an editor and graphic designer for CWRmagazine (
His heart is to share the good news that God is Love and that God’s love was embodied perfectly in Jesus of Nazareth. Through his books and seminars, Brad teaches the contemplative practice of “listening prayer” and more recently, “The Beautiful Gospel” (or ‘Gospel in Chairs’).
In terms of ministry, Brad is a preacher and reader at All Saints of N.A. Orthodox Monastery in Dewdney, BC and is active in local 12-step addiction recovery.
Brad writes across genres, including Christian theology and practice, children’s books and political philosophy.