IGB Parents & Carers Zoom Discussion

September 22, 2022
07:30 pm - 09:00 pm


September 22


07:30 pm - 09:00 pm



In this new season of Inclusive Gathering Birmingham, we’d love to gather parents and carers for a discussion about kids at IGB.

You are welcome to join in whether you are already are involved at IGB or if you are interested in getting involved. (Please note: this conversation is for parents & carers of children currently <18.)

You can register here for the Zoom:

We’ve tried a few things for kids at IGB, but in chatting with a few of you, we’ve realised what we actually need to do is stop and talk about this TOGETHER as parents/ carers and begin to formulate a plan.

Ellie will be leading our discussion which will be broadly covering:

1. What does YOUR family need to thrive at IGB? Or even to make it possible for you to come along?

2. What’s the dream scenario for IGB in terms of investing in our kids? (Longer term).

3. How can we make it practically possible for parents/ carers and kids to have a good experience of church? (short – medium term).

4. What will help right now? Are there any easy wins we haven’t considered?

Any questions or ideas to throw in the pot ahead of time – feel free to email