IGB Name Walk: Unorthodox Walks #2

November 29, 2020
02:00 pm - 03:00 pm


November 29


02:00 pm - 03:00 pm

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This Name Walk is a synchronised but geographically dispersed group walk punctuated by a series of simple, creative tasks.

Inspired by Stirchley-based walk collective Walkspace and Manchester’s Loiterers Resistance Movement we are coordinating a creative walk on Saturday the 29th November 2-3pm.

The great thing is that you can, if you wish, meet up with a socially-distanced friend, members of your household OR alternatively you can be a part of this walk just by yourself.

All you need for this creative walk is a smartphone (if you’re in a group you only need one smartphone) and to join the IGB Unorthodox Walks Facebook group:

The walk will begin at 2pm on 29th November. You choose your starting point. Creative instructions will be posted up in our Facebook group at ten-minute intervals. This will result in a roughly 60-minute synchronised but geographically dispersed group walk.

You are encouraged (but not required) to share your creative discoveries (via photos and sound recordings) in the IGB Unorthodox Walks Facebook group after the walk is completed. All the findings will be brought together into a digital art piece.

Taking part in a walk like this means you can slow down and notice features of your local environment you might have otherwise missed or taken for granted. In fact, you might find yourself heading home afterwards, as our friend Andy Howlett says “with heightened senses and a renewed alertness to the fantastical eruptions of the familiar.”

So join the IGB Unorthodox Walks Facebook group: