Book & Podcast Discussion Club

November 3, 2019
03:00 pm - 05:00 pm

3 Three's Coffee Lounge
Unit 8, 17-19 Martineau Place
Birmingham, United Kingdom, B2 4UW

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November 3


03:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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3 Three's Coffee Lounge

Unit 8, 17-19 Martineau Place

Birmingham, United Kingdom, B2 4UW

We’re going to trial a new monthly NICB meet-up in Birmingham City Centre … A Book & Podcast Discussion Club! It’s open to all (even if you haven’t read/ listened to the podcast or book)!

On our first meet-up we will be discussing some of the themes from this edition of the Nomad Podcast featuring Sally Mann and Shane Claiborne – start from 12:15 (to miss the pre-amble) but do listen through to the end as the hosts reflect on the interview with Sally and Shane (what they liked and what made them uncomfortable).

Sally Mann and Shane Claiborne – People, Places and Post-Evangelicals (N200)

In the next week or so, we’ll post again to share a bit more about WHY we’ve chosen this podcast and ask a few questions for you to chew on in advance. For now, you avid podcast listeners, you can add this to your playlist!

We’ll select a book or podcast on Christian spirituality and let you know what it is about a month in advance. Then, if you fancy the subject, join us for coffee and a discussion of the key themes … (It will be the kind of chat you can still be included in EVEN if you didn’t manage to read or listen! No guilt or faking it required!)

From Nomad Podcast to This Cultural Moment to Richard Rohr, there are so many exciting thinkers and theologians from varying Christian perspectives available to us at the push of a button!

For this meet-up, we’ll meet at 3 Threes is in Martineau Place (city centre) not from Moor Street and New Street Stations. We’ll order a big pot of coffee and nibbles to share, so you only need to buy a drink if you’d like something special.