THIS IS AN ONLINE GATHERING ONLY. On Sunday, 25th July we’ll on Facebook Live & YouTube at 4pm talking about joy and joyfulness together. Is joy different than happiness? What steals our joy and what replenishes it? Our own Rachel Handley will be leading our reflection.

There will be an outdoor in person ‘watch party’ in Edgbaston (if the weather is good). Basically, some of us with gather to watch the gathering together. If you’d like to come along to that, email for details – space is limited.

Welcome – Danielle

Song – Springtime (Ali)

Questions for Sharing (Joel): What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word ‘joy’?

PRAYER:  This short prayer was written by Sarah Bessey

I pray that you would experience the weirdness of divine Love in ways that leave you disoriented.

I pray that you would be caught off guard when God meets you outside of the boxes you have constructed and yet remains in the places you vacated.

I pray you will bless the box you once needed for God and that you will treat it tenderly even as you leave it behind.  Amen.

Reflection (Rachel) Joy

Song – I’ve Got the Joy (Common Hymnal)

Love Feast (Danielle & Josie)

Song – Praise the Lord Evermore

What’s Coming up at IGB… (Danielle)

Blessing: “May we live fully, love wastefully and have the courage to be all that God has created us to be.”

After our gathering we’re going to have a Zoom pub hang out session afterwards at 5:15. Bring your own drinks (drink what you like but be sensitive to others as you do so).

You will need to be logged into a Zoom account with a public account name in order to access this Zoom.

Meeting ID: 853 6699 5635
Passcode: 123674

NOTE: We’ve decided to make a change to our schedule – Sarah Bruce (Mental Health Advocate) will now be coming to join us for a session on 24th October when we can more easily meet and chat in person (hopefully over food).

About Inclusive Gathering Birmingham …

Inclusive Gathering Birmingham is a diverse church gathered together by a common dream: to become a truly inclusive faith community, where doubt and difference are a welcome part of our journey together toward Jesus. We believe that the way of Jesus leads us to the wild, radical idea that true spiritual community can be formed based on who is INCLUDED, not by who is EXCLUDED. We are a learning community, constantly growing and changing to live out this vision in new and expanding ways.

When we say “inclusion”, we mean much more than mere tolerance or welcome. We believe God wants us all to know that we actually belong. That means people of every race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, age and background, HIV status, ability and disability, theological and political conviction are loved, invited, and fully included. Read more about what makes us tick at or send an email to to ask questions or chat.

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