Online Inclusive Gathering: Live with Ms Penny Cost

October 10, 2021
04:00 pm - 06:30 pm


October 10


04:00 pm - 06:30 pm

NOTE: This is an online gathering – we currently meet in person on the first Sunday of each month at the Church at Carrs Lane.

On Sunday, 10th October we’ll be LIVESTREAMING our gathering from Zoom and we’re excited to welcome (all the way from the USA) Ms Penny Cost, reportedly the first Drag Queen in the world to become a Certified Candidate for Ordained Ministry within the United Methodist Church. (Read more about Penny below!)

You are welcome to join us on the Zoom from 3:45 (if you’d like to be part of the live interaction with Penny) or watch live as usual on Facebook Live or YouTube. (We’ll close access to Zoom at 4:05).

We’ll re-open the Zoom after the main gathering and invite folks to join us for a special LIVE Q&A with Ms Penny Cost. You can take a little break first and we’ll get started properly at 5:15.

You will need to be logged into a Zoom account with a public account name in order to access this Zoom. (Meeting ID: 853 6699 5635, Passcode: 123674)


Ms. Penny Cost (She/Her/Hers) is not your average church-lady! She (as her real life counterpart Isaac Simmons he/him/his) is reportedly the first Drag Queen in the world to become a Certified Candidate for Ordained Ministry within the United Methodist Church. As an unapologetically Queer Drag Queen, her eyecatching ministry has earned her the title of, “The Drag Evangilist,” due to her ability to reach, empower, and celebrate LGBTQIA+ People. She has preached to congregations across North America and she has been featured by NPR, Sojourners Magazine, and The Religion News Service. Her drag is rooted in a unique reclamation and reconstruction of faith which aims to show all people as whole-ly and holy made!”

Read more about Ms Penny Cost here.

About Inclusive Gathering Birmingham …

Inclusive Gathering Birmingham is a diverse church gathered together by a common dream: to become a truly inclusive faith community, where doubt and difference are a welcome part of our journey together toward Jesus. We believe that the way of Jesus leads us to the wild, radical idea that true spiritual community can be formed based on who is INCLUDED, not by who is EXCLUDED. We are a learning community, constantly growing and changing to live out this vision in new and expanding ways.

When we say “inclusion”, we mean much more than mere tolerance or welcome. We believe God wants us all to know that we actually belong. That means people of every race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, age and background, HIV status, ability and disability, theological and political conviction are loved, invited, and fully included. Read more about what makes us tick at or send an email to to ask questions or chat.