Community Groups

Connecting with others meaningfully is so important for our mental and spiritual health

Our community groups are now meeting either in-person, on Zoom or in a hybrid way!

YOUR HELP NEEDED! We are hoping to launch a number of IGB groups in the autumn. It would be really helpful if you could complete this questionnaire to give us an idea of what people might be interested in. It’s an ongoing conversation! Please complete even if you think you might only want to attend occasionally.

We’ve been running a number of Community Groups for the last few years – these are smaller groups that allow people to get to know one another better a bit closer to where they live. They typically have included food, a discussion about faith, the Bible or theology and prayer.

Some of our groups are run on Zoom only, some now meet together in person (in a home or public location) and some are exploring Hybrid ways of meeting together. If you are interested in joining a community group email and we can chat about which group might be right for you, or if there is an emerging group that might work.

These are our Community Groups current as of June 2022 – we are going to be re-booting our groups in September, so please do let us know if you are interested!

  • Moseley (Tuesday evening fortnightly at 6:30 in person at a home venue, beginning with a meal) [Note: home venues are not fully accessible]
  • Summerfield/ Winson Green (Tuesday evenings weekly at 7:30 on Zoom, with occasional in-person socials locally)
  • Worcester (monthly Saturdays on Zoom, with occasional in-person socials locally)

Monthly groups run by or in partnership with like-minded friends:

We are looking at the possibility of running additional community groups if there is interest, so if none of these work for you, don’t let that put you off! Get in touch!


1. When you join the Zoom, your microphone will automatically be muted. It’s easiest for everyone to participate and hear one another if you leave your mic muted unless you are speaking. (Otherwise the background noise is distracting.)

2. Please update your screen name with the name you would like to be called as well as your pronouns. It is fine to participate with your screen turned off and there is no pressure on anyone to speak if they would rather not.

3. When someone is speaking, their video (or name, if they have video off) will appear or be highlighted (depending if you have selected gallery view or the main view) – this also will help us to be sensitive to not speak over others. Be generous and gracious in this way please. Look for ways to make it easier for others to share.

3. Please use kind and gentle speech with one another. If someone DOES speak in ways which are hurtful, rude, offensive or fear-inducing (and does not respond to requests to moderate their language or tone) they may be muted or removed from the Zoom by one of the hosts/ moderators.

Thanks everyone!