Community Groups

We need connection with one another now more than ever.

Our Community Groups are now meeting online via Zoom. There are also telephone access options.

We’ve been running a number of Community Groups for the last few years – these are smaller groups that allow people to get to know one another better a bit closer to where they live. They typically have included food, a discussion about faith, the Bible or theology and prayer.

We think it’s really important to keep these groups running via Zoom as a means of support and connection with one another in these strange and unsettling times. There is plenty of room if you would like to join a group. (It’s fine to join a group that is not near you geographically as we currently meet on Zoom.)

These are our Community Groups:

  • Edgbaston/ Harborne (Monday evening at 7pm)
  • Coventry (Monday evening at 7:30pm) – This group is currently full
  • Moseley (Tuesday evening at 7:30)
  • Summerfield/ Winson Green (Tuesday evenings at 7:30)
  • Worcester (monthly Saturdays)

Zoom is simple to use – you just need to click the link (no sign-up required and there is an option for phone-in access for some groups).

If you are interested in joining one of these Community Groups, please send an email to, including your name, roughly where in Birmingham/ Midlands you live and which group you are most interested in.

We hold a Zoom gathering each Sunday evening at 5:15 (after our weekly online worship gathering) and some weeks there is an opportunity to pop into one of our Community Groups to chat with people and see if you like it! We’re also hosting a Connect & Community Facebook Group to share prayer requests (or funny stuff!) and check in with others any time.  Stay connected where you can.

If you would benefit from someone checking in on you via phone or Zoom, please email us on We’d love to connect with you.


1. When you join the Zoom, your microphone will automatically be muted. It’s easiest for everyone to participate and hear one another if you leave your mic muted unless you are speaking. (Otherwise the background noise is distracting.)

2. Please update your screen name with the name you would like to be called as well as your pronouns. It is fine to participate with your screen turned off and there is no pressure on anyone to speak if they would rather not.

3. When someone is speaking, their video (or name, if they have video off) will appear or be highlighted (depending if you have selected gallery view or the main view) – this also will help us to be sensitive to not speak over others. Be generous and gracious in this way please. Look for ways to make it easier for others to share.

3. Please use kind and gentle speech with one another. If someone DOES speak in ways which are hurtful, rude, offensive or fear-inducing (and does not respond to requests to moderate their language or tone) they may be muted or removed from the Zoom by one of the hosts/ moderators.

Thanks everyone!